experiencing engineering leadership

Experiencing Engineering Leadership

The Experiencing Engineering Leadership module (MT2001) is the brainchild of Professor Hang Chang Chieh, Executive Director of the Institute for Engineering Leadership who felt that there was a need for engineering students to have exposure to leadership & EQ development programmes that would also link in elements of engineering and engineering leadership. This is in recognition of the fact that engineers face an increasingly complex and demanding global environment & evolving professional demands. Generic leadership programmes are no longer sufficient to groom engineer-leaders who are able to effectively utilize their technical knowledge with soft-skills to create impact and value.

The programme was developed and launched in Academic Year (AY) 2014/2015 under the Division of Engineering & Technology Management (ETM).

Crafted specifically for students from engineering disciplines, students will be provided with a foundational knowledge of leadership theories and principles as guiding tools as they find their own path towards becoming leaders in engineering.

Varied opportunities will then be provided for students to use this knowledge to learn what it means to be an engineer-leader including reflection on experience sharing from engineer-leaders who have made a difference, experiential workshops to sharpen communication and soft-skills, as well as project work to start putting these skills to use.




On completion of the module, students should be able to:

  1. Understand and articulate the value and impact engineer-leaders can have.
  2. Discuss key leadership theories and concepts in the context of current and real world engineering, business, and other settings.
  3. Reflect on this to have a better understanding of their own strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Be able to apply this foundation in setting out an individual leadership development plan utilising their technical skills and soft-skills towards value-creation.

The Saturday Sharing Sessions were developed with the objective of providing the students the opportunity outside of structured class time to interact with engineer-leaders in various fields, and to learn through the sharing of experiences in an informal environment. Two sessions will be held each module run.

Find out more information on the Sharing Sessions here.