E-Magna which stands for ‘Engineering Great” is an informal group of engineer-leaders with a common vision of creating & capturing value through engineering, technology and people.

It is an IEL initiative which aims to connect like-minded talent to create value through opportunities for professional & personal development.

IEL will seed this community using our own platforms and initiatives such as the Distinguished Speaker Series.

IEL hopes to support our young engineers as they step up to take up leadership challenges through professional & personal development programmes, and through meaningful projects in innovation, entrepreneurship and engineering leadership. Experienced engineers out there could also benefit much from interaction with the next generation of engineer-leaders.

As Henry Ford puts it

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

The E-Magna Fund supports the community in its engagement & development activities, including:

  • Leadership sharing & networking sessions connecting established engineer-leaders with students and young engineers.
  • Programmes targetted at providing future engineer-leaders with the extra polish and confidence needed in social & professional skills as they enter a globally connected world.
  • Support for student initiatives, projects and fellowships.
  • Special outreach programmes to targetted schools with an innovation & entrepreneurship focus.
  • Any other activities to build the E-Magna community.

Ongoing Initiatives

Distinguished Speaker Series (DSS)

Distinguished thought-leaders are invited to speak on areas that would challenge prevailing thinking and the status quo. The goal for the DSS is to be a catalyst that would encourage interaction and spur discussion between various sectors and levels – students, academics, researchers, engineers, policymakers and business leaders. To this end, IEL will engage community leaders and students to deepen discussion by featuring panel discussions and active engagement after each lecture to provide more opportunities for interaction & learning.


Explore-ENG is the bridge that connects young engineering talent and tech organisations. Through a series of student visit programmes, students witness innovation & engineering leadership in action. This gives them a clearer picture of the opportunities that an engineering education can bring.

Networking & Sharing Sessions

Students and engineer-leaders will be brought together to interact at various levels and platforms; through sharing sessions, networking activities and annual gatherings. Community members will be invited to events supported or led by IEL and receive updates on the latest happenings and new programmes.

Future Plans

IEL intends to identify and bring together a core pool of distinguished engineer-leaders to contribute their expertise, experience and connections to nurture future leaders.

With sufficient support and resources, IEL hopes to launch the following exciting new initiatives under E-Magna:

E-Magna Fellowship in Engineering Leadership

Talented undergraduates will be identified to lead engineering leadership projects in support of the community aims. They will be matched with mentors who will guide them in realising their leadership development plans.

Engineering Career Kickstarter

A series of workshops led by experienced coaches with engineering/tech backgrounds will be launched to give guidance to young graduates and students as they work on their personal development plans. Workshops will cover areas such as Identifying Passion and Developing a Life Vision, Team Skills, Networking in a Tech Industry, Professional & Business Communication, Dealing with Diversity etc. Participants will also hone social skills through interaction with senior engineers and engineer-leaders in both formal & informal settings.