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InnoVenture 2017/2018 How To Pitch Workshop

  InnoVenture 2017/2018 How To Pitch Workshop 25 Oct 2017 This workshop focuses on preparing the team for IdeaLaunch. Participants will learn the contents and process of a 7 minute pitch. Teams will be given the time to start on their pitches. The workshops are extremely hands-on as teams will be actively working together at the whiteboard while mentors are […]

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InnoVenture 2017/2018 Business Workshop

  InnoVenture 2017/2018 Business Workshop 14 Oct 2017 The Business Workshop picks up from the customer discovery and will focus on (financial) business concepts that are essential for successful product design. A product that merely adheres to the customer requirements, but is not within the financial means of the customer is a failed product. The workshop is extremely hands-on […]

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InnoVenture 2017/2018 Design Workshop

  InnoVenture 2017/2018 Design Workshop 16 Sept 2017 Following on from the Maker Workshop, we encourage you to attend the Design Workshop intended to help you brainstorm and start tinkering with solutions for the problem statements. Specific technical and industry mentors will also be available so that you can actually get designing on the spot!   […]

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All Hands on Board! – An Article about the Maker Workshop.

      All Hands on Board! – InnoVenture’s Maker Workshop (9 September 2017)   By: Rennes Lee, Student Writer   Started in 2013, InnoVenture is the annual technopreneurship competition organized by the Institute for Engineering Leadership at the National University of Singapore. The competition tasks students to make use of both engineering and business […]