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Innoventure 2016: Nursing efficiency to health

Nurses attending to a patient at National University Hospital (Source: National University Hospital) Explore Engineering – National University Hospital 16th September 2016 Over two days, students participating in InnoVenture 2016 made visits to two wards to better understand the workings of the hospital and the problem statement at hand. The visit, held on 13th and […]

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Innoventure 2016: Innovation at the heart of one of the world’s busiest ports

A group photo following the visit with Elton Fong (right) and Pi Rui (4th from right)   Explore Engineering – PSA International 10th October 2016 The towering quay cranes and hulking ships that appear the size of skyscrapers are just about visible in the distance from the National University of Singapore. Yet few students have […]

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Innoventure Business Bootcamp 2

  Innoventure Business Bootcamp 2 3 Sep 2016 Business Bootcamp 2 picks up from the customer discovery and will focus on (financial) business concepts that are essential for successful product design. A product that merely adheres to the customer requirements, but is not within the financial means of the customer is a failed product. Furthermore, […]

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InnoVenture Product Development Bootcamp

  InnoVenture Product Development Bootcamp 27 Aug 2016 The focus of the Product Development Bootcamp is to introduce and equip participants with basic prototyping knowledge and skills. Participants will literally get their hands dirty as they engage in 3D printing, wood working, plastic moulding, drilling, wood working and many other essential prototyping equipment and skills. […]

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InnoVenture Customer Focus Workshop 1

  InnoVenture Customer Focus Workshop 1 23, 25 Aug 2016 In Customer Focus Workshop 1 the teams will be guided further in their customer discovery with help from experienced industry and university mentors. Students will learn additional tools to better analyze the problem statement and the customer, learn tips and tricks on how to validate […]

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InnoVenture Business Bootcamp 1

InnoVenture Business Bootcamp 1 20 Aug 2016 Business Bootcamp 1 will introduce the problem statement by the company representatives to the participants. Furthermore, we start our journey of customer discovery by teaching the tools and interpersonal skills that will help you tackle questions such as: Who is the customer? What are the customer requirements? How […]

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InnoVenture 2016

  InnoVenture 2016 is here! 1st bootcamp taking place on 20 Aug 2016! What is InnoVenture? InnoVenture is a competition for budding technopreneurs, to come together, form teams and challenge themselves to create innovative solutions that solve real world problems. The competition is a way to experience what it takes to ideate, work with industry, lead […]