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LIU Shang-Jyh ( 劉尚志 )
Visiting Professor

1001 University Road, Hsinchu, Taiwan


Phone: 886-3-5726828
Fax:     886-3-5718685



  • Professor and Director, Graduate Institute of Technology Law (2000- )

  • Professor, Graduate Institute of Technology Management (1991- )

  • Director, Legal Center for Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (1996- )

  • National Chiao Tung University (NCTU), Hsinchu , TAIWAN

  • Chairman of the Board, Taiwan Technology Law Institute (a Professional Association of Technology Law, 2001- )

  • Editor-in-Chief, Technology Law Review (2004- )

  • BS(1976), MS(1978) and LLB(1992), National Taiwan University

  • Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, Texas A&M University , USA (1984)

  • Legal, Technological and Managerial/Economical Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights; National Innovation System and IP Policy; Competitive Strategy and Organizational Management of High-Tech Industry

  • Distinguished Research Award for SSCI Publication, NCTU, 2000


NCTU Professorship in IP laws and Training


Since 1994, we established the first university IP program in Taiwan and have trained more than 3000 patent engineers in Taiwan. The patent engineers from various organizations in turn have contributed significantly to the aggressive IPR portfolio of Taiwanese companies.

As of 2000, and I was the founding Director, we created the Graduate Institute of Technology Law which was the first of its kind in Taiwan 's legal education. We introduced a new paradigm of legal research emphasizing the empirical study instead of the statue interpretation which the traditional civil law system has taken as a core of legal study for a long time. Nowadays, our IPR program is the most leading and comprehensive one in Taiwan and it keeps abreast of the global IPR development.

Established Collaborations with IP Academy, Singapore,; John Marshall Law School , Chicago, Duke University, Santa Clara University, University of Illinois - Urbana Champagne (UIUC), USA, Shanghai JiaoTung University (上海交通大學), Nanjing University (南京大學), Beijing University (北京大學), Chinese Politics and Law University (中國政法大學), China ; University of Munich , Max Plank Institute, Germany: University of Sheffield , Queen Mary College, UK.


NCTU Professor and Director of Technology Management


I have taught several courses with regard to high-tech management, such as Technology Assessment and Forecasting, Technology Management and Law, Managerial Economics, Introduction to Technology Management, etc., since I firstly joined the NCTU as a founding member of the Graduate Institute of Management of Technology (MOT) in 1991. I was elected the director of MOT institute in 1994 and left my post for visiting UK during 1995-1996.

The most important course which I have taught in MOT for ten years is “Industrial Competition and Organizational Management”. The major themes of this course include the Competition Strategy, Knowledge Management, Intellectual Capital, Applied Game Theory for Strategic Analysis, Innovation for Technology and Business, etc. Moreover, I have developed an analytical framework for Business Strategy.

Advisor/Consultant to Public and Private Sectors of Taiwan :

More than 50 technology private companies in Taiwan, Hsinchu's Science Park, as well as more than 15 government agencies/research institutes, such as the Ministry of Economic Affairs, National Science Council, Intellectual Property Office (Taiwan), Taiwan Institute for Economic Research, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Chung-Shan Institute of Science & Technology, etc.


International Advisor/Adjunct Professor

  • Archon IP Ltd., Exploit Technologies Ltd., Singapore 2001-2003

  • Ever since 1998, I have visited Singapore for six times and gave lectures at NUS, Kent Ridge Digital Lab, and IP Academy

  • Business School, Tulane University , USA 2000-present; lectured at Taipei , Taiwan and Suzou ( 蘇州 ), China


Visiting Fellow

  • Wolfson College , University of Oxford , UK , August 1995-1996

  • Research Centre for International Law, University of Cambridge , UK , 1995

  • Arbitrator and IP and International Committees, Chinese Arbitration Association 2002-

  • Consulting Expert of Civil Trial Court , Hsinchu District Court, 2003-

  • Engineering Research Fellow, Chung-Shan Institute of Science & Technology, Ministry of National Defense, ROC, 1984-1991


Since 1997, more than 90 articles and research papers were published in various journals and conferences. Four books were written in Chinese and one chapter regarding Taiwan 's IP development was incorporated in the book entitled “Made by Taiwan ”. Some of the articles representing the author's major research are as follows:

  • Liu, S. J. and Shyu, J., 1997. Strategic Planning for Technology Development with Patent Analysis, International Journal of Technology Management , Vol.13, No.5/6, pp.661-680

  • Liu, S. J., 1998. Industrial Development and Structural Adaptation in Taiwan : Some Issues of Learned Entrepreneurship, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management , Vol.45, No.4, pp. 338-348

  • Liu, S. J., Hwang, T. L. and Chen, Q. H., 1998. International Development of Taiwan‘s Information Industry: An Empirical Study on Human Resource Strategy of Overseas Subsidiaries, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management , Vol.45, No.3, pp.296-310

  • 劉尚志,1998 。聯華電子公司專利發展策略與專利管理組織之個案研究。台灣本土企業個案集,中華民國管理科學會

  • 劉尚志,1998 。全球知識競爭下之台灣科技能力分析,科技發展政策報導, SR8703:617-638, 87 年 3 月

  • 劉尚志,1998 。政府出資研究計畫之智慧財產權管理制度設計,研考雙月刊, 22 卷 6 期, 62-71 頁

  • 劉尚志,1999 。技術移轉與契約設計,智慧財產權季刊, 1 卷 2 期

  • 劉尚志,1999。我國新興高科技製造業的競爭力與策略佈局:以 TFTLCD 產業發展為例,科技發展政策, SR8810:264-289 , 88 年 10 月

  • Chen, J. L., Liu, S. J. and Tseng, C.H., 2000. Technological Innovation and Strategic Adaptation in Product Life Cycle, Technology Management-Strategies & Applications Vol. 5, pp.183-202

  • 劉尚志,2000。產業競爭與專利策略:由英特爾威盛之專利糾紛與電子商務專利之興起看智權之競合,科技發展政策,SR8908:, 89 年 8 月

  • 劉尚志, 2001 。基因專利授權糾紛。國科會計畫報告

  • Liu, S. J. and Chen, J. L. ,2001 。 Development and Strategies of E-Commerce Patents 。 The First International Conference on Electronic Business. December 19-21 , 2001 , pp. 458-460 , Hong Kong

  • Liu, S. J., 2002. Competing in the Knowledge Game: Intellectual Property Rights, published in Chang, C. Y. and Yu, P. L. ed. Made By Taiwan , Chapter 9, pp. 213-234

  • 許瓊文、劉尚志等,2003 。我國智慧財產發展面臨挑戰與對策,經濟部技術處、工研院經資中心

  • Liu, Y. L. and Liu, S.J., 2004. Innovations and National Policies: Taiwan's Flat Panel Display Industry" Asia Pacific Tech Monitor, Vol. 21, No. 2, pp. 52-62, Mar-Apr 2004

  • Liu, Y. L. and Liu, S.J., 2004. The Intellectual Property Policy of Taiwan : A Strategic Viewpoint, International Engineering Management Conference , Singapore , Oct18-20, 2004

  • 陳志杰、劉尚志, 2004 。論均等論之比對方式 - 逐項測試法之優缺點探討,科技法學評論 (Technology Law Review, to be published)

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