Student Exchange Programmes

Coming to NUS Engineering on Exchange

If you are thinking of embarking on a student exchange, why not consider NUS Engineering? Learn more about the NUS Engineering and Singapore here:


“Being able to choose courses freely has given me the opportunity to explore a lot of interesting subjects beyond the usual bounds of my degree in the UK. I’ve especially enjoyed taking part in an experiential learning module which connects engineering to real life market applications.”

– Thilo Braun, Imperial College of London

“I really enjoy studying at NUS. It is a totally new experience studying with people from very different cultures and backgrounds as well as attending lectures with local lecturers. It is very enriching and it enables me to improve my communicational skills.”

– Marion Hauducoeur, Imperial College of London

“The NUS curriculum is very different than that of my home university in that the grading structure is very heavily centered on a single final exam score. At home a final exam might be around 30% of my grade, while here its as much as 65%. I haven't had any problems with adjusting to how the course material is taught and my professors have made themselves very accessible to answer questions if I have them.”

– Alex Halvey, University of Delaware

“I really enjoyed getting to meet a variety of different people, both locals and other international students. Being surrounded by so many new people, I have had the opportunity to exchange and receive knowledge which has truly opened my eyes to more of the world.”

– Ashley Kate Swift, Iowa State University

“It can be a little lonely as an exchange student in the classes, since the school is very big and it can feel like everyone already has their friend group. It is therefore important to reach out in the little ways by getting lunch with people and taking advantage of project groups. Don't expect it to be like home, because it definitely won't be - instead just go along for the ride.”

– Madelina Pratt, University of Southern California

“NUS offers some very similiar courses but a lot more choice in general. It integrates well with my curriculum in the UK and gives the opportunity to explore some less related but interesting topics.”

– Felix Roth, University College London
Alec Green

“Many universities outside of the U.S. follow a different academic calendar. You're going to have to sacrifice a summer or semester back home to study abroad. Singapore is an exception to that.”

– Alec Green, Purdue University
David Puente

“Go to Singapore. I feel it's so different than the stereotypical exchange to Europe and you get to see a vastly different part of the world.”

– David Puente, Iowa State University
Jordon Mandel

“I would highly recommend studying at NUS to anyone. The academics are strong, the other exchange students come from all over the world, and Singapore's location makes travelling in any Southeast Asian country incredibly easy. Do it.”

– Jordon Mandel, Johns Hopkins University

“I enjoyed getting to know a lot of the local students and about their way of life, their culture, and their dreams. I've become such good friends with a lot of them and hope to go back to Singapore soon and meet up with them again.”

– Philicia Chow, Franklin W.Olin College of Engineering