Sam Ge elected IFAC Fellow for his contributions to intelligent robotics

28 September 2010

PROFESSOR Sam Ge's contributions and efforts in the area of intelligent control systems have been recognised by the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC). Prof Ge was elected IFAC Fellow (2010) by the Federation.

The Award is given to those who have made outstanding and extraordinary contributions in the field of interest of IFAC. Prof Ge, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, was given the Award in recognition of his fundamental contributions to adaptive neural network control with applications in robotics.

Professor Ge also led a number of intelligent robotics projects such as Mind Robotics, Social Robotics, autonomous robots for TechX competition, and industrial automation.

Mind Robotics aims to develop a system to analyse and extract features from brain signals for the communication and control of robots. Though still in a preliminary stage, the team has already designed a prototype of two channel EEG acquisition equipment with novel active electrodes and wireless communication module.

The social robotics lab, helmed by Prof Ge at the Interactive and Digital Media Institute focuses on the development of intelligent and socially aware robots which could be totally integrated into the social fabric as they are able to interact and communicate with humans.

"Robots will no longer just be industrial machines but companions too. Possible duties include stay-at-home companions for the elderly and children, and of course, healthcare in general, among others." said Professor Ge.

Prof Ge also serves Vice President of Technical Activities (2009-2010) and Vice President of Membership Activities (2011) of IEEE Control Systems Society (CSS). Please visit Prof Ge's homepage at: