Faculty Board


Professor Chua Kee Chaing
Dean, NUS Engineering


Assoc Prof Chau Fook Siong
Vice-Dean, Administration

Assoc Prof Lanry Yung
Vice-Dean, Undergraduate Programmes

Prof Lim Teng Joon
Vice-Dean, Graduate Programmes

Prof Teo Kie Leong
Vice-Dean, Research & Technology

Prof Victor Shim
Vice-Dean, External Relations & Outreach

Assoc Prof Christina Lim
Vice-Dean, Student Life & Community Engagement

Prof James Goh
Head, Department of Biomedical Engineering

Prof Lee Jim Yang
Head, Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Prof Quek Ser Tong
Head, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Prof John Thong
Head, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Assoc Prof Foo Maw Der
Acting Head, Division of Engineering & Technology Management

Assoc Prof Loh Ai Poh
Director, Innovation & Design Centric Programme

Assoc Prof Anjam Khursheed
Director, Engineering Science Programme

Assoc Prof Ashwin M Khambadkone
Director, Global Engineering Programme

Prof Andrew Lim
Head, Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering

Prof John Wang
Head, Department of Materials Science & Engineering

Prof Nhan Phan-Thien
Acting Head, Department of Mechanical Engineering