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Novel "green" aerogels that can clean oil spills, plug gunshot wounds... and more

PAPER waste can now be converted into a very useful and environmentally-friendly product known as "cellulose aerogels".

Accolades for two Engineering dons from prestigious American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering

IN recognition of their remarkable contributions to the field of biomedical engineering, Professors James Goh and Lim Chwee Teck will be inducted into the College of Fellows of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering (AIMBE).

Two prominent Singaporean researchers returning home to join NUS Engineering

These experts in logistics and supply chain management and advanced electronics will help to drive industry collaboration and translational research at NUS.

Five NUS Engineering researchers in Thomson Reuters’ 2015 list of world leading scientific minds

FOUR NUS Engineering researchers listed in 2014 as the world’s leading scientific minds by Thomson Reuters, are among the top again. Out of the 11 researchers from NUS in Thomson Reuters’ 2015 list, five are from the Faculty of Engineering.

Light and easy-to-use robotic glove to help patients regain hand movements

NUS BIOMEDICAL Engineering team led by Assistant Professor Raye Yeow has designed and developed a robotic glove which can help stroke patients restore the use of their hands.

The road to F1— for the only Singaporean engineer in the industry

HE was sold on being a Formula 1 engineer – since he was in Primary 5 after watching F1 when surfing the Internet. His dream came true. Today, Mr Gautham Ramesh is an engineer specializing in aerodynamics and CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) with Red Bull Technologies and is now based in Oxford, UK. He is the only true-blue Singaporean working as an F1 engineer.

Look how far Engineering Science has taken me

ENGINEERING Science at NUS Engineering has proven to be a great choice for Mr Wang Cong. The Programme has instilled in him an enquiring and probing mind that does not stop even when targets are met, and results are obtained.

Making a mark in space

SINGAPORE 8.30pm, 16 December: NUS Engineering has sent two satellites, Galassia and Kent Ridge 1 (KR-1) into space. They were among six that were shot into space, piggy-backing on TeLEOS-1, the primary satellite by ST Electronics.

Novel ceramic batteries for storing solar energy
NUS Engineering researchers are coming out with super strength batteries which will continue to function even under extreme heat

NUS-Tsinghua joint workshop on Advanced Materials
NUS Engineering and the School of Materials Science & Engineering of Tsinghua University pooled expertise in a joint workshop on advanced materials.

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