Martin Henz
Associate Professor

(65) 6516 6632



Martin's research spans education, combinatorial optimisation, FPGAs, programming tools and languages, and most recently electric vehicles, with publications in ICJCAI, AAAI, ICTAI, CP, Operations Research, EVS and EVER.

He teaches programming, programming languages and logic, and supervises design projects.

Together with Dr Jörg Weigl and Brian Teo, Martin initiated the FrogWorks design and prototyping studio at the Innovation & Design Centric Programme in the Faculty of Engineering at NUS. So far, more than 30 FrogWorks students have developed green vehicles that operate on land, at sea and in the air.

Together with Alan Sevugan, Martin founded the software company FriarTuck, whose software solutions, WorkforceOptimizer and SurgeryOptimizer, schedule countless employees and surgeries every day, in Singapore and the region.

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