Smart and Sustainable Cities

The Smart and Sustainable Cities (SSC) track delves into problems faced by people in an urban environment. It focuses on two broad themes: (a) improving livability in the urban environment, and (b) management of limited resources such as water, energy, and land in an efficient and sustainable manner. This track explores how engineering innovations and solutions can be shaped to address these complex and grand challenges in a holistic manner so as to improve the way we live, work, travel and play while protecting natural environments. Projects in this track may fall within one of these three domains: (1) innovations in the context of a home; (2) innovations at the neighbourhood and community level; and (3) innovations that may benefit the built industry and society as a whole. This track is generally suitable for students from Civil & Environmental Engineering, Industrial & Systems Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.


Energy Innovation Challenge

This theme rides on the Energy Innovation Challenge organized annually by the Institution of Engineers and Science Centre Singapore, and other similar competitions. Students are expected to design and invent a product to demonstrate the use of alternative sources of energy.

Sustainable Future Mobility

This theme focuses on the systems aspect of future mobility solutions. Students are expected to come up with innovative ideas to improve the transportation of people and goods that may be implementable in the near future. The geographical context of the project may be an existing or a future residential, industrial, or commercial estate, or the NUS campus itself.

"Smart" Cool Ideas for Better HDB Living

This theme rides on the "Smart" Cool Ideas for Better HDB Living contest organized annually by HDB, and other similar competitions that are driven by Singapore's Smart Nation initiative. Students are expected to identify problems with day-to-day living in HDB estates, come up with innovative and “smart” ideas to tackle these problems, and prototype their solutions. Projects may be aimed at the household or estate level.

Smart Structures

This theme looks into new structural designs and construction technologies that can improve the quality, productivity, operation and safety of civil engineering works. Examples of possible projects include structural systems that enable rapid and modular construction, and sensors for monitoring and improving structural performance.

Smart Solar Sunshades for HDB Households

This project aims to reduce the thermal load caused by solar radiation in Singapore HDB households. The team is developing a solution that can be deployed in urban households to absorb the abundance of solar radiation, convert the radiation into usable forms of energy and store the converted energy for later use. A servo motor is used to rotate the solar panels according to Sun’s trajectory.

Autonomous Public Transportation System

There is a mismatch between the millennial population’s desire to have personalized transportation and the government’s plan to reduce the number of cards on the road. To bridge this gap, the project explores solutions such as autonomous vehicles, vehicle rental systems and pool ride sharing systems among others. The solutions are optimized to achieve shorter waiting times, ride time and reduced number of vehicles on road.