2017 News

EDIC Tour of Engineering's Makerspace

As part of the Faculty Safety & Health Promotional Campaign 2017, EDIC organized a facility cum safety awareness tour of the Engineering Fabrication workshop (E4-02-06) in the morning of 29 Sep 2017.

17 October 2017

Team Bumblebee exhibits their AUV

Team Bumblebee was invited to showcase our project at Singapore Week of Innovation and Technology (SWITCH) 2017 at the Marina Bay Sands.

12 October 2017


NUS FSAE invited to showcase cars at F1 Singapore Grand Prix

NUS FSAE was invited by Singapore GP to showcase their three race cars at F1 Singapore Grand Prix

12 October 2017

NUS FSAE R17 Ranks 14th Worldwide

NUS FSAE race car R17 ranked 14th out of 125 teams at the annual Formula FSAE competition held in Michigan from 10-13 May 2017.

1 June 2017

Inaugural Batch of Grand Challenge Scholars from NUS

The first batch of Grand Challenge Scholars from NUS has completed the program and will be graduating this year!

27 March 2017

IDEa$ Challenge

IDEa$ is a 6-week competition that challenges students to be creative problem solvers, uncover unexpected opportunities to design and sell their ideas.

3 March 2017

2016 News

Bumblebee Swims and Sails Autonomously

Team Bumblebee's autonomous surface vessel wins 4th prize at Maritime RobotX Challenge 2016, Hawaii.

20 December 2016

DCP Design-for-Safety Competition 2016

As part of the EDIC Safety Day, DCP students identified safety hazards in their work environment and proposed solutions for the problems.

7 November 2016

DCP students awarded at the Engineering Color Awards 2016

Five DCP students were awarded for their contributions during the annual Engineering Color Awards 2016. Congratulations to all the winners!

28 September 2016

DCP Solar Helicopter Team at Energy Innovation Challenge 2016

NUS DCP students designed a solar powered quadcopter to win the Merit Award (joint 4th position) at the Energy Innovation Challenge 2016.

15 August 2016

iDCP Bootcamp 2016

Boot camp 2016 was carried out from 25th to 29th July 2016. 14 students attended and during the 5 days of camp were taught the use of Autodesk Inventor and were exposed to basic iterative design concepts.

1 August 2016

The Delta - world’s lightest electric paraglider trike

The Delta - designed and built by DCP students is the world's lightest electric paraglider trike. It is especially built for the National Geographic Channel’s new series “Machine Impossible”.

29 July 2016

Prince William meets Snowstorm

It’s not every day that royalty takes a fancy to your school project, but that’s what happened to the lucky members of NUS’ Team Frogworks when they showcased the new and improved Snowstorm at the Founders Forum in London, from 15-16 June.

17 June 2016

R-16, Asia's best at FSAE challenge

R-16 race car was Asia's best entry and ranked 12th worldwide at the recent FSAE challenge in Michigan, US. ‘R16’, the current race car model, represents a key blend of technology and features with the NUS FSAE’s signature car design.

16 May 2016

DCP Project Showcase 2016

Design-Centric Programme's (DCP) Project Showcase 2016, held at the foyer of the Engineering Auditorium, featured more than 20 exciting projects, completed by students over the course of the semester.

12 May 2016

FOE Innovation and Research Awards 2016

Three DCP group projects received the High Achievement Award at the 30th Innovation and Research Awards 2016 organized by the Faculty of Engineering. In addition, 5 DCP group projects and 1 individual project received the Merit award.

10 May 2016

2015 News

DCP Team "Hydrone" runner-up at Intel Invent 50

DCP team Hydrone won the runner-up position at the Intel Invent 50 Competition. The competition was held in conjunction with Singapore’s 50th year of independence and Intel’s own Moore’s Law turning 50.

23 December 2015

DCP Team "Oh My Fishing God" Wins Singapore Space Challenge

The DCP team won the first prize at the 2015 Singapore Space Challenge, Satellite Systems Category. The team developed a remote sensing satellite to measure sea surface temperature and chlorophyll concentration.

20 December 2015