Internships and Student Exchange Programmes

To enhance their learning experience, students may embark on internships and student exchange programmes. Students should work out their study plans carefully if they intend to take part in these.


Students in Cohort AY2016/2017 onwards are required to complete a 12-week vacation internship (VIP) during the vacation period between Semesters 4 and 5. This VIP will be taken in lieu of the compulsory 24-week industrial attachment (IA). Students who would like to take a semester-long IA instead of the VIP may do so in Semester 6 only. They should NOT go for IA in Semester 5 as they are required to complete the second half of EG3301R during this semester.


Students in Cohorts AY2014/2015 and AY2015/2016 are required to complete a semester-long IA (except those from Engineering Science and Industrial & Systems Engineering who may take up a VIP instead of IA). The IA should be completed in Semester 6.


Students who intend to participate in student exchange programmes (SEP) will need to complete the IA during Semester 5 concurrently with the second half of EG3301R (for students in Biomedical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering), or in Semester 7 concurrently with the first half of EG4301 (for students in Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Environmental Engineering).


Internships are NOT compulsory for poly intake students as well as students in Double Degree Programme (DDP), Concurrent Degree Programme (CDP), Chemical Sciences Programme (CSP), and Global Engineering Programme (GEP).

Students should apply for internships via the Faculty's internship portal. More information about internships may be found on the Office of Undergraduate Programme's website:

Student Exchange Programmes

Students can only participate in a semester-long student exchange programme during Semester 6 of their candidature. No project module is scheduled during this semester so as to allow students to do this. Students should not go for exchange in Semester 5 because they are required to complete the second half of EG3301R during this semester. More information about student exchange may be found on the Office of Undergraduate Programme's website:


Students who are required to complete a semester-long IA may refer to the section above for their IA-SEP options. They may also consider participating in international summer programmes (i-SP) instead of a full-semester student exchange. More information about international summer programmes may be found on the International Relations Office's website:

NUS Overseas Colleges

The NUS Overseas Colleges (NOC) programmes provide opportunities for students to intern in start-up companies for one semester (short programmes) or two semesters (year-long programmes), while taking a number of credit-bearing courses in a partner university. Students may participate in the NOC programmes to partially fulfil the iDCP modular requirements.

For students in Cohort AY2016/2017 onwards, the NOC requirements will be mapped to the VIP (6 MCs) and Innovation & Enterprise Electives (12 MCs) requirements in iDCP. In addition, the NOC requirements may also be used to replace the final year project module EG4301 (12 MCs) for those who complete a year-long NOC programme.

For students in Cohorts AY2014/2015 and AY2015/2016, the NOC requirements may be used to replace IA (12 MCs) and EG4301 (12 MCs).

Students may participate in a short NOC programme in Semester 6 only since they are expected to complete EG4301 in Semesters 7 and 8.


On the other hand, those who participate in a year-long NOC programme may do so over Semesters 6 and 7. They will be exempted from EG4301 upon their return to NUS in Semester 8.


Click on the following links for more details about mapping of NOC requirements :

The NOC programmes are administered by NUS Enterprise. More information about these programmes may be found on their website: