FSAE 2017


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NUS FSAE Team 2017
Team Member (Left to Right) Area of responsibility Year
Tan Wei Long Marcus Team Leader/Chassis Head/Vehicle Dynamics ME4
Arjun Balasubramaniam Deputy Leader/Suspension Head/Vehicle Dynamics ME4
Surej Nair s/o Pradeep Raj Engine Head/Electronics EE4
Sean Lee You Brakes/Steering ME4
Lee Jian Howe Aero ME4
Xu Jian Intake/Exhaust ESP4
Xian Jianbo Engine ESP4
Alvin Low Chin Hui Chassis ESP
Goh Wei Liang Chassis ME3
Chee Kai Yi Cooling &Lubrication ME3
K L Shiv Shankar Engine (Gear shifter) / Mech controls ME3
R Arvind Front suspension ME3
Lee Choon Ho Rear suspension ME3
Leong Tuck Heng Aero ME3
Liew Wilson Transmission ME3
Soon Hao Ye Electricals/Electronics EE3

Car Specifications

CHASSIS TIG welded 4130 steel tube space frame
Carbon fibre stressed skin with PVC structural core
CAR BODY PANELS Manufactured in-house from carbon fibre/epoxy
ENGINE HONDA CBR600RR (2007/08 model)
Max power 105bhp without air intake restrictor; 73 bhp @11700RPM
55Nm @8400RPM with 20 mm diameter air intake restrictor
Modified Dry Sump Lubrication System
FUEL SYSTEM Common Rail Sequential port electronic fuel injection
4.8 Litre Fuel Tank
INDUCTION Naturally aspirated
Rapid Prototype Intake, 20 mm diameter restrictor
EXHAUST 4-2-1 welded stainless steel
TRANSMISSION Rear wheel drive
Salisbury clutch-type LSD
FINAL DRIVE Sprocket/Chain adjustable final reduction
GEAR SYSTEM 6-speed sequential gearbox
Paddle-actuated gear shifter on Steering Wheel
Electro-pneumatic Gear Shifter with automatic clutch
Electronically controlled automatic gear change
STEERING SYSTEM Rack and pinion bottom steer
Single Cardan joint steering column
Modular for Anti and Pro Ackermann Steering
FRONT AND REAR SUSPENSION Unequal length double wishbone
Front pull rod actuated spring and damper
Rear push rod actuated spring and damper
Penske dampers with customised valuing
Blade type front and rear anti-roll bars
TRACK 1200 mm front
1160 mm rear
Rear 59.9 %
Left 50%
Right 50%
COMPOSITES Carbon fibre sheer panels
Front impact attenuator
Body Panels
Driver Seat
Electronic Accessory Mounts
ARB Drop Links
Aerodynamic Kit
Radiator Shroud
Dashboard display
Steering wheel
TIRES Hoosier 18.0 x 6 – 10 LCO
Hoosier 18.0 x 6 – 10 WET
RIMS Keizer 3 piece Aluminium Ø10” Rims
Custom machined centre lock nut
AERODYNAMICS Aerodynamic package consists of a front, side, rear wings and undertray
Adjustable for low drag and high drag configuration
BRAKES Front/rear independent floating disc brakes
4 piston front & 2 piston rear ISR calipers, radially mounted
Tilton Master Cylinders
GPFAX EBC sintered brake pads used for their high coefficient of friction
DISPLAY Custom designed driver dash display
Multi coloured LEDs and 7 segment gear indicator display
Engine Operation Warning Lights (Fuel Pressure, Oil Pressure, Engine Temperature)
ELECTRONICS MoTeC M150 ECU with traction control, launch control, rev-matching, auto shifting and clutch, anti-stall and variable upshift ignition cut
Engine Tuning with MoTeC M150
Custom Event Based Tuning

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