FSAE 2009


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NUS FSAE Team 2009
Team Member (Left to Right) Area of responsibility Year
Mazher Najeeb Anwar Engine/Electronics ME3
Ooi Junhao, Roy Chassis ME3
Lim Sheng Jie, Joel Transmission ME3
Tan Jingyuan Engine ME3
Yang Zhongwei Chassis/Composites ME3
Lin Xiaoning Suspension ME3
Shunmugam Vigneshwaran Suspension ME3
Khor Ten Chun, Alan Electronics EE4
Khoa Wei Long, Geoffrey Controls/Tyres ME4
Yew Chung Hwa Deputy leader/Transmission ME4
Teng Jun Yuan Chassis ME4
Tan Weiliang Team leader/Engine ME4
Tan Cheng Hean, Jarrod Composites ME4
Tan Yew Siang Suspension ME4
Mohamed Naeem bin Mohamed Mansor Engine ME4
Lim Chin Khiong Deputy leader/Bodywork/Aerodynamics ME4

Car Specifications

CHASSIS TIG welded 4130 steel tube space frame
Aluminium honeycomb semi-stressed skin floorboard
ENGINE Mid-engine
Lightened Honda CBR600 F4i
In-house dry sump system
FUEL SYSTEM Sequential port electronic fuel injection
INDUCTION Naturally aspirated
Optimised plenum and runner design
EXHAUST 4-2-1 welded stainless steel
Tuned primary and secondary lengths
TRANSMISSION Rear wheel drive
Salisbury clutch-type differential
FINAL DRIVE Sprocket chain final drive
GEAR SYSTEM 6 speed sequential gearbox
Electro-pneumatic steering mounted paddle shifters
STEERING SYSTEM Rack and pinion bottom steer
FRONT AND REAR SUSPENSION Unequal length double wishbone
Carbon fibre A-arms
Push rod actuated damper
Blade type anti-roll bar
FRONT AND REAR SUSPENSION 4 outboard floating rotor
AP Racing calipers and master cylinders
TRACK 1250 mm front
1200 mm rear
Rear 55%
COMPOSITES Glass fibre body
Carbon fibre pedal box
steering wheel
suspension arms
track rods
toe rods
push rods
front impact attenuator
air intake, restrictor, plenum, runners, engine cover
Carbon and Kevlar fibre mixture driver’s seat
WHEELS Single lock nut wheel
Keizer 13" aluminium/magnesium rims
TIRES Goodyear Eagle 20.0 x 7.0 – 13 D2692 (Dry)
Goodyear Eagle 20.0 x 7.0 – 13 D2691 (Wet)
DISPLAY In-house electronic LED Dash
ELECTRONICS MoTeC M800 ECU with traction control, launch control and upshift ignition cut
Real-time telemetry monitoring rpm, throttle position, brake pressure, steering angle, oil and water temperature, air fuel ratio, etc
NUMBER OF INDIVIDUAL PARTS Estimated 1,500 components designed using Solidworks CAD software

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