The design process involves several stages ranging from conceptualization to prototyping. For this, different settings and in certain cases machinery are required to help turn ideas into a tangible product. To this end, the DCP has a whole myriad of facilities that cater to every stage of the design process. These facilities are in close proximity to project supervisors and some are maintained by our very capable lab staff. This ensures that the students are well looked after and can be properly guided during their time within the DCP family. As at this moment, the DCP has 5 design studios, 2 assembly workshops, 1 electronics lab and a newly opened Engineering Fabrication Laboratory.

Design Studios

During the start of every student’s iDCP journey, conceptualizing is a large part of the design process. The iDCP has 5 studios, 4 located in block E2A and 1 located in Block EA. These rooms provide ample space for students to organize meetings and ideate on the many whiteboards, tables and chairs available. These spaces are also sometimes used for low level prototyping where there is no need for machinery. Many lockers are located here also to allow students to temporarily store equipment that might be difficult to transport daily.

Assembly Workshop

Once past the ideation and conceptualizing stage, students are required to produce prototypes or carry out experiments in order to validate their concepts. To assist them, the Assembly workshop is both spacious and well equipped to help the students carry out basic fabrication. Among the many pieces of equipment available, there are 3D printers and the laser cutter/engraver. This allows students to experience and use advanced manufacturing techniques to help quickly produce prototypes.

Electronics Lab

Once students are fairly certain about their concept, they are required to produce prototypes or carry out experiments in order to validate their concepts. To help them, the Electronics laboratory is well furnished to help students design and put together circuitry that may be require for their projects. These includes a number of soldering stations and computers where students can use for Arduino programming or to use Computer Aided Design (CAD) software.

Fab Lab

The latest facility to open, the Fab Lab is the one stop shop for most basic fabrication needs for students. Equipped with 3D printers, laser cutter/engraver, Soldering stations, CNC mill and many other items. The Fab Lab is also spacious allowing multiple project teams to work in parallel within the same lab.