Students in this programme work on projects in several design stages ranging from ideation to conceptualization to prototyping. To support students' endeavour to turn their ideas into tangible prototypes, the iDP has a myriad of well-equipped facilities that cater to every stage of the design process. These facilities are also in close proximity to faculty staff who supervise the projects and are maintained by very capable laboratory officers. This ensures that students are properly guided during their time in the programme. The iDP currently has 5 design studios, 2 mechanical assembly workshops, and 1 electronics workshop. It also has a dedicated workshop for the Formula SAE race car project.

Design Studios

Ideation is a major part of every project in the iDP. The iDP has 5 studios that are located in Block E2A which provide ample space for students to meet and work on their projects. The studios are equipped with whiteboards, blackboards, moveable chairs and tables, and are also used for low-level prototpying work. Lockers are also provided in the studios for students to store their tools and materials.

Assembly Workshop

After ideation and conceptualization, students may be required to produce prototypes or carry out experiments in order to validate their concepts. The spacious assembly workshops are well-equipped with many tools for basic fabrication work such as 3D printers, laser cutters/engravers, drills, and other hand tools. These equipment allow students to prototype their ideas quickly and conveniently.

Electronics Workshop

To aid students in their prototyping work, the iDP has an electronics workshop in Block E2A that is furnished with a number of soldering stations, computers with design and programming software, and a store of common electronics components and mechanical fasteners.