iDCP Philosophy

As the world becomes increasingly challenged by global warming and complex issues, the Faculty of Engineering has defined a new paradigm in education. An alternative learning pathway, the Design-Centric Programme (DCP) was launched in 2009, providing a platform for learning that brings together engineering, form, function, aesthetics, culture and lifestyle. In 2016, the DCP was enhanced with a dose of innovation and enterprise via the Innovation and Design-Centric Programme (iDCP). The iDCP gives students a broader scope to realize and capture value from their ideas. Through the design process, students learn to create solutions from multi-disciplinary perspectives. They are encouraged to challenge current assumptions of how people interact with products and to critically evaluate the ability of current products and services to serve the needs of people. Students adopt a user-centred approach to understand, visualise and describe users in the context of how people live, work and play. iDCP will take students further by allowing them to explore and plan business start-ups.

In 2017, the iDCP reached a third milestone. It was formalized as a second Major and renamed as Innovation and Design. We are now open to students outside of Engineering, thus becoming a truly multi-disciplinary programme. We look forward to welcoming students from other parts of the NUS campus to join our students in their classes.