2018 Study Trip to Shenzhen & Hong Kong

The Innovation & Design Programme (iDP) led a 2-week “Innovation and Design” study trip to Shenzhen and Hong Kong on July, 2018. Shenzhen is known as the Silicon Valley of hardware and Hong Kong is a leading business hub in Asia. The study trip therefore provided a good opportunity for NUS students to be immersed in a vibrant maker culture and to increase their global awareness. The trip consisted of visits to multinational companies, makerspaces, start-ups, technology parks, incubators, and cultural sites. Students were given the chance to develop their network with the organisations visited and to engage in discussions with entrepreneurs to understand their journey. The study trip was supported by STEER.

Organisations visited –
In Shenzhen: Huawei, BYD, Qianhai E-Hub, Shenzhen CRI Innovation Center, Shenzhen Valley Ventures, Design Society, and Shenzhen Museum.
In Hong Kong: Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Jockey Club Social Innovation Centre, MakerHive, and Hong Kong Science Park.

Further information on the study trip can be directed to Dr Edwin Koh (edwin.koh@nus.edu.sg).

“This trip was a very eye opening experience. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge on the start-up industry. Knowing the different types of incubators, the kinds of government funding and investments, is going to help me make a more informed decision when I choose to do my own start-up.” – Chew Kin Whye

“I have learnt in STEER SZ&HK 2018 the importance of design thinking where designing of solutions or products should be based on the users’ experiences, needs and wants. Standing at consumers’ point of view, products and solutions designed can best satisfy customers’ demands and attract potential consumers.” – Teo Jia Wen