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A DCP Project Turns Into A Provisional Patent

A project by Ernest Tan Xuan Hao (ME), Shim Hee Youn (BME), and Mark Chng Yuxuan (BME), under the guidance of Mr. Soh Eng Keng and Ms. Lim Fang Ming, has led to a provisional patent being filed on 24 March 2015. The project, on Dysphagia Rehabilitation Training, now enters the stage of further advancement of the technology readiness level. The project is a collaboration between NUS and Singapore General Hospital (SGH), where engineering students learn from and work closely with medical professionals and members of the engineering faculty to conceptualise, design, test and develop solutions for medical needs.


The 4th NUS Design Summer Programme: 6th to 16th July 2015

The Design Summer Programme (DSP) is an international student symposium, organized by the Design-Centric Programme (DCP), National University of Singapore (NUS) for innovative, broad-minded & passionate students to be engaged in engineering solutions to address the grand challenges in our society for the 21st century and beyond.

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