DCP Philosophy

The Design-Centric Programme serves as a unique learning pathway at the Faculty of Engineering. It aims to produce engineering graduates with a global perspective yet sensitive to local cultural subtleties, and who have the ability to identify and solve complex problems of societal importance.

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The Aerospace Systems Initiative (ASI) is designed to prepare engineering students for the growing aerospace industry. The ASI will offer a learning pathway for students to design and develop complex engineering systems for special aerospace missions.

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The Engineering in Medicine (EIM) track is designed for engineering students to learn from and work closely with medical professionals (doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, etc.) and members of the engineering faculty to conceptualise, design, test and develop medical technology for healthcare needs.

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In an increasingly crowded world we need technological solutions to moving more people and goods faster and more efficiently. This track addresses these problems from many different directions.

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The Smart and Sustainable Cities (SSC) track delves into problems faced by people in an urban environment. It focuses on two broad themes: (a) creation of high density yet highly livable cities, and (b) management of limited resources, such as water, energy and land, in an efficient and sustainable manner.

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