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This work relates to Department of the Navy Grant N62909-10-1-1015 issued by Office of Naval Research Global. The United States Government has a royalty-free license throughout the world in all copyrightable material contained herein (*).

Plenary Lectures

Open Plenary Lecture
On Current/Emerging Approaches for Stochastic Engineering Analyses

Pol D. Spanos

Plenary Lecture 1
A General Purpose Software For Reliability-Based Optimal Design

M. A. Valdebenito, E. Patelli and G. I. Schuëller

Plenary Lecture 2
Data Mining Applications in the Automotive Industry

R. Kruse, M. Steinbrecher and C. Moewes

Plenary Lecture 3
U.S. Navy Mantech B2PCOE and the Lead Free Manhattan Project

R. R. Reilly

CADLM Award Presentation and Ceremony

Fuzzy Architecture of Safety-Relevant Vehicle Systems
V. Ivanov and B. Shyrokau

Technical Sessions

Analysis of Systems and Structures

Model Fusion under Probabilistic and Interval Uncertainty, with Application to Earth Sciences
O. Ochoa, A. A. Velasco, C. Servin and V. Kreinovich

Recursive Least-Squares Estimation in Case of Interval Observation Data
H. Kutterer and I. Neumann

A Fuzzy Finite Element Analysis Technique for Structural Static Analysis Based on Interval Fields
W. Verhaeghe, M. D. Munck, W. Desmet, D. Vandepitte and D. Moens

Primary and Derived Variables with the Same Accuracy in Interval Finite Elements
M. V. Rama Rao, R. L. Mullen and R. L. Muhanna

A Verified Automatic Contour Integration Algorithm
N. Yamanaka, S. Oishi and T. Ogita

Vertical Incremental Dynamic Analysis for Assessing Progressive Collapse Resistance and Failure Modes of Structures
D. G. Lu, P. Y. Song, S. S. Cui and Z. H. Chen

Reliable Dynamic Analysis of an Uncertain Shear Beam
M. Modares, I. Olabarri and R. L. Mullen

Exact Determinant of Integer Matrices
T. Ogita

Analytical Study of a 4-Span Bridge with Advanced Materials
C. A. Cruz Noguez, M. S. Saiidi and D. Hillis

Finite Element Structural Analysis using Imprecise Probabilities Based on P-Box Representation
H. Zhang, R. L. Mullen and R. L. Muhanna

Robustness of Systems and Structures

Robust Assessment of Shear Parameters in Geotechnics
W. Fellin and M. Oberguggenberger

Robustness Against the Noise in Sensors Network Design for Heritage Structures: The Case Study of the Colosseum
G. Monti, G. Quaranta and G. C. Marano

Optimal Sensor Placement in Environmental Research: Designing a Sensor Network under Uncertainty
A. Jaimes, C. Tweedie, T. Magoč, V. Kreinovich and M. Ceberio

Robustness Assessment for Progressive Collapse of Framed Structures using Pushdown Analysis Method
D. G. Lu, S. S. Cui, P. Y. Song and Z. H. Chen

Exact 2D Convex Hull for Floating-point Data
K. Ozaki, T. Ogita and S. Oishi

On the Stability and Controllability of Fuzzy Control Set Differential Equations
P. N. Dinh and Q. D. Lam

Reliability Analysis and Simulation

Estimating the Effect of Manufacturing Variability on Turbine Blade Life
N. Thakur, A. J. Keane and P. B. Nair

Reliability Analysis under Integrated Input Variable and Metamodel Uncertainty based on Bayesian Approach
D. An, J. Choi and J. Won

On Correlation Control in Monte Carlo Type Sampling
M. Vořechovský

Extension of Sample Size in Latin Hypercube Sampling with Correlated Variables
M. Vořechovský

Random Set Finite Element Method Application to Tunnelling
A. Nasekhian and H. F. Schweiger

Interval Estimates of Structural Reliability
H. Zhang, R. L. Mullen and R. L. Muhanna

Robust and Reliability-Based Optimization

Economic Emission Load Dispatch using Interval Differential Evolution Algorithm
A. Gupta and S. Ray

Automated Synthesis of Fixed Structure QFT Prefilters using Interval Constraint Satisfaction Techniques
P. S. V. Nataraj and M. M. Deshpande

Performance Measures for Robust Design and its Applications
T. Kawamura

Solving Constrained Optimization Problems Via Subset Simulation
H. S. Li and S. K. Au

Reliability-Based Design by Adaptive Quantile Estimation
J. Ching and W. C. Hsu

Discrete Robust Design Optimization of Stochastic Dynamical Systems
H. A. Jensen and J. G. Sepulveda

Confidence Single-Level Formulation in Structural Robust Optimization and its Solution Aspect
X. Guo

Towards Optimal Effort Distribution in Process Design under Uncertainty, with Application to Education
O. Kosheleva and V. Kreinovich

Simulation Based Uncertainty Handling With Polyhedral Clouds
M. Fuchs

Robust Simulation and Design using Parametric Interval Methods
M. D. Stuber and P. I. Barton

Robust Design with Uncertain Data and Response Surface Approximation
W. Graf, J. U. Sickert, S. Pannier and M. Kaliske

Modeling, Prediction and Identification

Identification and Prediction of Time-Dependent Structural Behavior with Recurrent Neural Networks for Uncertain Data
S. Freitag, W. Graf and M. Kaliske

Predicting the Shear Strength of RC Beams without Stirrups Using Bayesian Neural Network
O. Iruansi, M. Guadagnini, K. Pilakoutas and K. Neocleous

Bayesian Approach for Fatigue Life Prediction from Field Inspection
D. An, J. Choi, N. H. Kim and S. Pattabhiraman

Damage Factor Estimation of Crane-Hook (A Database Approach with Image, Knowledge and Simulation)
T. Nishimura, T. Muromaki, K. Hanahara, Y. Tada, S. Kuroda and T. Fukui

Material Identification of Solder Joint in Microelectronics Package Using Bayesian Approach
J. H. Gang, J. H. Choi, D. An and J. W. Joo

A Priori Inverse Operator Estimation for Guaranteed Error Estimate
A. Takayasu, S. Oishi and T. Kubo

A Novel Robust Control Strategy for Interval Plants Using the Two Loop MFC and CDM
S. Bhusnur and S. Ray

Uncertainty and Risk Management

Of Reality, Quality and Murphy's Law Strategies for Eliminating Human Error and Mitigating its Effects
F. Knoll

Assessment of Structural Integrity of Titanium Weldments for U.S. Navy Applications
W. Mohr

A Novel Risk Definition for Portfolio Selection with Uncertain Returns
X. Huang

Lead Free Electronic Manhattan Project Best Practices and Benchmarking Center of Excellence
C. Meola

Quantitative Risk Assessment Model for Fire in Road Tunnels with Parameter Uncertainty
Q. Meng and X. Qu

Way to Reduce the Uncertainties on Ecological Consequences Assessment of Technological Disasters Using Satellite Observations
Y. V. Kostyuchenko, I. Kopachevsky, D. Solovyov, Y. Bilous and V. Gunchenko

Transboundary Socio-Economic Safety Assessment: Sustainability toward Anthropogenic Hazards and Bioproductivity Degradation
Y. V. Kostyuchenko, M. László, M. Yuschenko, I. Kopachevskyi and Y. Bilous

(*) This workshop is supported by Office of Naval Research Global. The content of the information released through the workshop does not necessarily reflect the position or the policy of the United States Government, and no official endorsement should be inferred.