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Singapore is a major hub for technology, research, education, business, and tourism in South East Asia. It unites a multicultural population in a cosmopolitan city. The mixture of Asian roots with European and American elements and an essentially English speaking society provide people from all nationalities with a pleasant environment. Singapore is one of the safest, cleanest, and friendliest places in the world.

Visitors may enjoy a large variety of tourist attractions, cultural heritage, and the warm hospitality of Singaporeans. The city can be experienced as a vibrating place around the clock with many big shopping malls, restaurants, and bars. Delicious food is offered in an amazing variety. Modern and traditional architecture can be explored next to one another, and cultural excursions can be made to different ethnic quarters including museums. Parks, recreation areas, and beaches provide an attractive environment to relax.

Traveling to and from Singapore is most convenient through Changi Airport – one of the world’s best-equipped and most efficient airports. A total of 56 airlines provide direct and non-stop service to almost all parts of the world. The travel time between Changi Airport and the city is approximately 20 minutes by taxi and 40 minutes by public transportation (MRT). Taxi fares are quite moderate, and the public transportation system is very efficient and inexpensive.

Singapore disposes of a very friendly infrastructure for visitors. All major credit cards are accepted for accommodation, shopping, dining, and even for taxi fare in most cases. Plenty of ATM’s are available, which accept most international ATM cards. ATM’s are typically located on the airport, in the shopping malls, and in the MRT stations. Cash can be exchanged at reasonable rates at money changer boots, which can be found in a large number along the streets and in the shopping malls. For moving around in the city, public transportation is most suitable. The fares can be paid conveniently via ez-link card, which can be used for all public transportation systems. An ez-link card can be purchased at the counters in the MRT stations (on the airport or in the city) and be charged easily at ticket machines. Remaining credit is paid back upon return of the card at the counter.

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Conference Venue

REC2010 will be held in the Hotel “Furama Riverfront”,

Please note that there are two Furama hotels in Singapore. The affix “Riverfront” will guide you to the correct one. Please provide this affix when taking a taxi to the venue.

For booking your accommodation in the conference hotel, please refer to our registration web-page