NUS-TUD Double MSc Degree Programme

Programme Details

SDWA has developed an innovative double M.Sc. programme in Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management (HEWRM DDP) offered in collaboration between the National University of Singapore (NUS) and the Delft University of Technology (TUD). These two universities have a rich combined heritage of over 250 years and are both globally ranked among the top 20 technology universities in the world (THE-QS ranking).

The Double Degree Programme is based on an institutionally innovative concept under which students spend one year of study each in Singapore and The Netherlands and receive two M.Sc. degrees, one from each University. It is offered annually with its inaugural cohort started in August 2009.


The NUS-TUD Double M.Sc. Degree Programme (DDP) is a two-year full-time programme. To graduate, students must complete an exciting mix of coursework and research. Students are expected to spend two semesters at each institution. Due to the difference in academic calendars between NUS and TUD, the first semester of the first academic year must be completed in NUS and the second semester of the same academic year in TUD. The 3rd and 4th semesters may be completed at either institution depending on the choice of electives and the location of the primary supervisor for the M.Sc Thesis topic


The curriculum consists of core modules, MSc thesis , elective modules, additional research requirements and breadth requirements.

NUS Core Modules
  1. Hydroinformatics
  2. Environmental Modeling with Computers
  3. Wave Hydrodynamic and Physical Oceanography
  4. Coastal Processes and Sediment Transport
TUD Core modules leading to Hydraulic Engineering Track
  1. Probabilistic Design
  2. Bed, Bank and Shoreline Protection
  3. Ports and Waterways 1
  4. Computational Modeling of Flow and Transport
  5. River Engineering / River Mechanics
TUD Core modules leading to Water Management Track
  1. Fundamentals of Drinking Water & Wastewater Treatment
  2. Integrated Water Management
  3. Urban Drainage & Water Management
  4. Hydrological Processes and Measurements

Elective Requirements

  • Students will be able to select the elective requirements from a list of more than 30 modules in consultation with potential thesis supervisors. To see the brief description of each module, please browse through NUS and TUD offered modules in respective websites.
  • Note: students who are waived from taking Ethics module in TUD are required to take another module of the same credit weight.

Additional Research Requirements

  • Students may choose to carry out projects and/or internships in Singapore or Delft as approved by their supervisors. This may be done with a company or institution.

Academic Calendar

 Semester 1
Semester 2 Semester 3
Semester 4

 Aug 2013-Dec 2013

NUS, Singapore

Jan 2014-Jun 2014

TUD, Netherlands

Aug 2014-Dec 2014


Jan 2015-Jun 2015