Master of Science (Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management)

Programme Information

The Master of Science (Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management) programme, or M.Sc. (HEWRM) in short, is hosted by the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering. The programme accepts both full time and part time students.

To qualify for the M.Sc. (HEWRM) degree:

Students of MSc (Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management) now have an option to participate in an exchange programme with Delft University of Technology (TUD). For more information, please send your enquiry to Ms. Yuniar at Part-time and full-time students are eligible, subject to nomination.

Core Modules
CE5307   Wave Hydrodynamics and Physical Oceanography
CE5308 Coastal Processes and Sediment Transport
CE5310 Hydroinformatics
CE5312 River Mechanics
CE5314 HEWRM Project(please click module title for information on project requirements)
CE5377 Numerical Methods In Mechanics & Envr. Flows

Elective Modules
CE5313     Groundwater Hydrology
CE5603 Engineering Economics and Project Evaluation
CE5883A Topics in Hydraulic & Water Resources - Environmental Hydraulics
OT5203 Design of Floating Structures
OT5204 Offshore Moorings and Risers
ESE5001 Environmental Engineering Principles
ESE5405 Water Treatment Processes
ESE5601 Environmental Risk Assessment
ESE5602 Environmental Management Systems
ESE5901 Environmental Technology
IE5203 Decision Analysis
PP5257 Water Policy and Governance
PP5294 Dynamic Modelling of Public Policy Systems

The programme is now supported under SkillsFuture Study Award (EDB), CleanTech. Singapore citizens who wish to apply for the award may visit the SkillsFuture Study Award website to find out more about the eligibility criteria and application.

Admission Requirements

Applications are open to candidates with a relevant bachelor's degree with at least a 2nd Class Honours and/or a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of at least 75% of the scale maximum. Candidates should preferably have had a period of relevant work experience after obtaining their first degree. Candidates with other qualifications and achievements deemed to be suitably prepared for the programme of study may also be considered. Selection of students is on a competitive basis.


The programme has 1 intake per year, at the beginning of academic semester in August. Application period is generally from January to March of the same year.

Please click here for application period information and procedure.

Period of candidature


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A/Prof Vladan Babovic
Master of Science (Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management) and Double Degree Programme Manager
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering,

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