Master of Science in Geotechnical Engineering

Programme Information

The Master of Science in Geotechnical Engineering course, or MSc(Geotec), is hosted by the Department of Civil Engineering. The programme accepts both full time and part time students. To qualify for the MSc(Geotec) degree, a candidate must successfully complete a programme of study consisting of at least 40 Modular Credits (MCs):

  1. 28 MCs from the list of core modules
  2. The remaining MCs from the list of elective modules

In addition, a student must obtain a minimum CAP of 3.00 (equivalent to an average grade of B-) for the best modules equivalent to 40MCs, inclusive of the core modules. Furthermore, the grade point obtained for each of the 7 core modules must be at least 2.5 (C+). A student is allowed one re-take for at most two core modules if the grade point obtained is less than 2.5 (C+).

The structure of the curriculum is derived from the need to meet the primary objective of the MSc(Geotec) programme, which is to produce engineers who can plan, design and supervise construction of temporary earth retaining structures in a competent and professional manner. This necessitates the relatively large number of core modules.

Core Module

The list below shows the core modules, which are 4 MCs each.
CE4257 - Linear Finite Element Analysis
CE5108 - Earth Retaining Structures
CE6101 - Geotechnical Constitutive Modelling
CE5111 - Underground Construction Project
CE5112 - Excavation Support Systems
CE5113 - Geotechnical Investigation & Monitoring
CE6102 - Geotechnical Analysis
Note: CE6102 needs two pre-requisites/co-requisites, namely CE4257 and CE6101. In other words, you need to have taken CE4257 and CE6101 in a previous semester or are taking them the same semester as CE6102. Otherwise, the system will not register you for CE6102. In terms of contents, CE6102 will draw heavily from CE4257 and CE6101. For this reason, you are advised to take CE4257 and CE6101 as early as possible in your study.

Elective Modules

The list below shows the elective modules, which are 4 MCs each.
CE5101 - Seepage and consolidation of soils
CE5104 - Underground space
CE5105 - Analytical and Numerical Methods in Foundation Engineering
CE5106 - Ground improvement
CE5107 - Pile foundation
CE5881 - Topics in Geotechnical Engineering: Soil Dynamics
CE6002 - Analysis of Civil Engineering Experiments
CE6003 - Numerical Methods in Engineering Mechanics

Note: Not all modules listed are necessarily available in any one year.

Admission Requirements

For admission to the M.Sc. (Geotec) programme, candidate must have completed at least a Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering with 2nd Class Honours. Candidates with relevant working experience will be considered favourably.


The programme has 1 intake per year, August intake; application period generally opens 6 months prior.

Please click here for application period information and procedure.

Period of candidature

  • Part-time students between 4 semesters and 8 semesters (maximum)*,
  • Full-time students between 2 semesters and 4 semesters (maximum)*.
  • * excluding up to 2 semesters of approved Leave of Absence.

Number of modules per semester

  • Part-time students - 2 per semester (normally), up to 3 per semester (maximum)
    You are advised to take no more than 2 modules if
    1. this is your first semester, and
    2. you have been given an academic warning.
  • Full-time students - 3 per semester. (normally), up to 5 per semester (maximum)


  • Attendance should be satisfactory. The onus is on students to attend classes.

Class Time-Table

Tentative Schedule for the MSc Modules
Description of Modules


  • For more information on the programme, please contact:

Ms Lynn Wong
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering,
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Assoc Prof Goh Siang Huat
Master of Science (Geotechnical Engineering) Programme Manager
Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering,

  • For application forms, application status and other general information, please contact:

Office of Graduate Programme
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