Master of Science (Civil Engineering)

Programme Information

The Master of Science (Civil Engineering) programme, or M.Sc.(CE), is hosted by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. The programme accepts both full time and part time students. To qualify for the M.Sc. (CE) degree with or without Specialization, a candidate must successfully complete a programme of study consisting of at least 40 Modular Credits (MCs). At least 30 MCs must be taken from level 5000 and 6000 modules. In addition, a student must obtain a minimum CAP of 3.00 (equivalent to an average grade of B-) for the best modules equivalent to 40 MCs (inclusive of compulsory modules, where required). A student may choose to graduate with the following degrees:

For those who wish to graduate with a Specialization, they must also obtain a minimum grade point of 2.0 (Grade C) for each of specified minimum number of compulsory modules stipulated.

Please click here for specific degree requirements for each Specialization under MSc(CE).

Minimum Admission Requirement

Applications are open to candidates with a good honours degree. Candidates should preferably have had a period of relevant work experience after obtaining their first degree. Candidates with other qualifications and achievements deemed to be suitably prepared for the programme of study may also be considered. Selection of students is on a competitive basis.

The programme is now supported under SkillsFuture Study Award (BCA), Built Environmental Sector. Singapore citizens who wish to apply for the award, please click here to find out more.


The programme has 2 intakes per year, January and August intake respectively; application period generally opens 6 months prior.

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Period of candidature

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Time-Table for M.Sc.(Civil Engineering) programme
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