Master of Science (Environmental Engineering)

The Master of Science (Environmental Engineering) programme, or M.Sc. (EVE) in short, is targeted at graduates who are either working, or considering a career, in environmental engineering, and wish to be part of the global effort to incorporate environmental considerations in all human activities. Its curriculum is sufficiently flexible to accommodate students from different science and technology backgrounds as well as provide practicing engineers an opportunity to enhance their technical competence.

This programme is also suitable for graduates who wish to build on their prior educational background and professional experience in the field of environmental science and technology, and to acquire new skills for solving advanced environmental engineering problems, thus enabling them to contribute in greater measure to Singapore's push to develop its environmental technology industry. The programme will prepare students to contribute to the environmental protection efforts spearheaded by the countries in the region. In addition, this broad-based educational programme would be of relevant interest to professionals in the government's regulatory and statutory bodies, as well as in institutes of higher learning.

Programme Information

(Applicable for all students with effect from intake January 2010)

The Master of Science (Environmental Engineering), or M.Sc. (EVE) is structured around lectures, continual assessments and end-of-semester examinations. Candidates may opt for part-time or full-time study.

The graduate requirements include obtaining a minimum Cumulative Average Point (CAP) of 3.00 (equivalent to an average grade of B-) for the best 40 Modular Credits (MCs), inclusive of core modules. Of the 40 MCs, all must be at graduate level and at least 30 MCs must be within the subject or in a related discipline, and the remaining credits may be from other disciplines with prior approval by the Head of Civil & Environmental Engineering Department or his nominee.

Students should also note that the final composition of graduate modules proposed by themselves is subject to approval by Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering.

The programme is now supported under SkillsFuture Study Award (EDB), CleanTech. Singapore citizens who wish to apply for the award may visit the SkillsFuture Study Award website to find out more about the eligibility criteria and application.

Admission Requirements

Admission requires a good bachelor's degree with honours (at least Second Class) or its equivalent from institutions of recognised standing. Although candidates with good first degrees and practical working experience after obtaining their first degrees are admitted, meeting the admission requirements does not guarantee admission.


The programme has 2 intakes per year, January intake and August intake respectively; application period generally opens 6 months prior. Please click here for application period information and procedure.

Period of candidature

  • Part-time students between 4 semesters and 8 semesters (maximum)*,
  • Full-time students between 2 semesters and 4 semesters (maximum)*.
  • * Note: excluding up to 2 semesters of approved Leave of Absence.
Programme Structure for M.Sc. (Environmental Engineering) Electives Modules for MSc (Environmental Engineering)
  1. To complete the following 1 core module
    ESE5001 Environmental Engineering Principles

  2. At least 7 elective modules from the following
    ESE5XXX Any ESE5000-level series graduate elective module
    ESE6XXX Any ESE6000-level series graduate elective module

  3. Up to 2 additional elective modules for a total of 10 modules for the M.Sc.

  4. Note that all 10 required modules can be from Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering but a maximum of 2 modules of the 10 required modules may be from other Departments / Faculties, including the following modules (subject to approval by Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering)
    1. DE5107 Environmental Planning
    2. GE6211 Spatial Data Processing
    3. LX5103 Environmental Law
    4. PP5227 Environmental Policy and Natural Resource Management
    5. SH5101 Industrial Toxicology
    6. SH5104 Occupational Health

ESE5002 Physical and Process Principles
ESE5003 Environmental Chemical Principles
ESE5004 Research Project
ESE5201 Combustion Pollution Control
ESE5202 Air Pollution Control Technology
ESE5203 Aerosol Science and Technology
ESE5204 Toxic & Hazardous Waste Management
ESE5205 Sludge and Solid Waste Management
ESE5301 Environmental Biological Principles
ESE5401 Water Quality Management
ESE5402 Industrial Wastewater Control
ESE5403 Water Reclamation & Reuse
ESE5404 Biological Treatment Processes
ESE5405 Water Treatment Processes
ESE5406 Membrane Treatment Processes and Modelling
ESE5407 Membrane Technology for Water Management
ESE5601 Environmental Risk Assessment
ESE5602 Environmental Management Systems
ESE5607 Green Catalysis
ESE5608 Heavy Metals in the Environment
ESE5901 Environmental Technology (restricted module)
ESE6001 Environmental Fate of Organic Contaminants
ESE6301 Topics in Environmental Biotechnology
ESE6401 Advanced Biological Treatment Processes
ESE6403 Topics in Membrane Purification

All modules listed are 4 MCs each, unless otherwise stated.
Please note also that not all modules listed are necessarily available in any one year. For more details on the modules offered, please refer here.

Number of modules per semester

  • Part-time students - 2 per semester (normally), up to 3 per semester (maximum)
    You are advised to take no more than 2 modules if
    1. this is your first semester, and
    2. you have been given an academic warning.
  • Full-time students - 3 to 4 per semester (recommended). You are advised to take no more than 3 modules if you have been given an academic warning. Taking 5 modules per semester is extremely challenging and will only be considered on a case-by-case basis. The evaluation and approval of such application will be made by the Program Manager.


  • For more information on the programme, please contact:

Ms Yuniar Hasan, Tel: 651 64776, Email:

A/Prof. He Jianzhong, M.Sc. (Environmental Engineering) Programme Manager
Tel: (65) 651 63385, Email:

  • For application forms, application status and other general information, please contact:

Office of Graduate Programme, Faculty of Engineering
Tel: (65)6516 6510, Email: