NUS-TUD Double Degree Programme is not only about studying hard, but it is also about blending of people and cultures. It is about finding your strengths and sharing them with your classmates, finding your weaknesses and a way to cope with them in times of pressure. It is about sharing moments with fellow students.

Multidisciplinary project in Singapore - break time

Water Management students in NUS lab

This section is dedicated to students' stories to show how they feel about life not in their own land, about meeting people from different backgrounds, about studying together to reach individual goals.

Students personal trip to Cambodia

Singapore National Day 2013

  • Group Interview, 2011
  • Andrzej Tusinski (Poland), AY2010/2011 Intake
  • Toh Han Loong (Malaysia), AY2010/2011 Intake
  • Robert Willem Hasselaar (The Netherlands), AY2010/2011 Intake
  • Simon Den Hengst (The Netherlands), AY2010/2011 Intake

    Commencement ceremony in NUS, July 2013

    Neo Hong Chuan (Singapore), AY2009/2010 Intake

    The double degree programme provides me a precious opportunity to further enhance my knowledge on hydraulics engineering, water treatment technologies and water resources management, which is of direct relevance to my daily work in PUB. Therefore, an ideal choice for me to further my studies here.

    In this programme, we have fellow Dutch students attending NUS lessons with us. There are ample opportunities for participants (both from local and Netherlands) to interact with each other, especially during joint project work for the respective NUS and TUD modules.

    Nguyen Tan Thai Hung (Vietnam), AY2009/2010 Intake

    This programme entails probably the broadest exposure and the most practical knowledge that one MSc programme can offer.

    Marieke Bakker (The Netherlands), AY2009/2010 Intake

    This programme gives the opportunity of a real exchange: sharing the study experience in twodifferent countries with a diverse team of students

    Feng Xue (China), AY2009/2010 Intake

    The variety of modules available during this course is a highlight for this program. Only doing a Master's program in NUS will not offer students such a wide range of choices, let alone the expertise of the Dutch Professors.

    International exposure is another major plus-point of this program. It is super interesting to be immersed into another culture and enjoy a different way of living (and eating).

    Lies de Graaf (The Netherlands), AY2009/2010 Intake

    Being part of this double degree programme between NUS and TUD is a great experience.

    This programme has not only taught me academically, but it has also been a great experience from which I have gained many other practical skills and knowledge.

    Simon Den Hengst (The Netherlands), AY2010/2011 Intake

    I really was a typical unworldly young Dutchman when I first joined in 2010. I had never been further than the borders of North-West Europe. Therefore, it was quite logical to expect that the program would teach me a few of the severe lessons of life.

    After my first month, I was kind of able to settle in Singapore. I attended classes, did what I could do and enjoyed the experience.

    However, at the end of September 2010, I began to suffer from a neck hernia. This was very painful. This was a really severe time for me, especially because didn’t have any real friends or family around. I almost decided to go back due to my physical state, but I also wanted to continue. After all, people of the SDWA and my classmates helped me, making it possible to stay in Singapore and continue with the program. It was the most difficult time of my life.

    My experience is not the general experience of a student studying in a different culture. I think that the general experience is a lot better. If you feel like an unworldly student, then you can really expect this program to be a life-changing experience in a positive sense.