NG How Yong

Deputy Head (Administration)
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Director, Sembcorp-NUS Corporate Laboratory


Postal Address: Department of Civil and
  Environmental Engineering,
  National University of Singapore
  1 Engineering Drive 2, E1A 07-03
  Singapore 117576
Tel: (65) 651 64777 / 64512
Office: E2-02-21 / E1A-07-3


Dr. Ng graduated from the National University of Singapore with a BEng (Civil Engrg) and a MEng (Civil Engrg) in 1997 and 2000, respectively. He received his Ph.D. (Environmental Engrg) from the University of California, Berkeley in 2002. Prior to joining NUS as an Assistant Professor, he engaged in post-doctoral research in environmental engineering at Yale University in 2003.

Dr. Ng's core research interest is in membrane science and technology, focusing on membrane fouling - elucidating its mechanisms and minimizing its occurrence. By coupling with aerobic and anaerobic processes to derive high quality water from alternative sources for water reclamation and reuse, he studies biological reactor technologies such as membrane bioreactors and forward osmosis bioreactor. As biological processes could be inhibited by heavy metals, his research also focuses on rapid detection of heavy metals in wastewater using microbial fuel cell as a biological sensor.

Overall, Dr. Ng's research aims at achieving the following objectives: 1) optimizing of biological treatment performance of industrial wastewater, particularly for membrane bioreactors; 2) understanding the fundamental science of membrane fouling, aimed towards developing technologies and control strategies for membrane fouling; 3) developing novel membrane processes for desalination and zero liquid discharge; 4) optimizing anaerobic processes for energy recovery from industrial wastewater; and 5) developing microbial electrochemical sensor for rapid detection of heavy metals in wastewater.


  • Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley, U.S.A., 2002.
  • M.Eng., National University of Singapore, Singapore, 2000.
  • B.Eng., National University of Singapore, Singapore, 1997.

Honours & Awards

  • Dean’s Chair (2013 -2016)
  • National University of Singapore Engineering Researcher Award (2016)
  • International Water Association Asia Pacific Regional Project Innovation (PIA) Awards (Applied Research - Honour Award) for the project "Development of Microbial Electrochemical Sensor for Heavy Metals and Cyanide Detection in Used Water" (2014)
  • International Water Association Fellow (2012).
  • National University of Singapore Young Researcher Award (2009)
  • Singapore Youth Award (2008)
  • Singapore Young Scientist Award (2007)
  • International Water Association (IWA) Young Professionals Award (2006).
  • Editor, Journal of Water Reuse and Desalination.
  • Associate Editor, Water Research.
  • Topical Editor, Drinking Water Engineering and Science.
  • Member of Editorial Board, Membrane Water Treatment (MWT) - An International Journal of Water and Waste Water Treatment by using Membrane Technologies.
  • Member, International Water Association Publication Committee.
  • NUS Postdoctoral Fellowship (2003).
  • NUS Overseas Graduate Scholarship (1998-2002).

Professional Activities

  • Deputy Chair, Management Committee of the International Water Association Specialist Group on Membrane Technology (2017 - Present).
  • Member, Management Committee of the International Water Association Specialist Group on Membrane Technology (2010 - 2017).
  • Secretary, Management Committee of the International Water Association Specialist Group on Membrane Technology (2006 - 2009).
  • Member, International Water Association Young Water Professionals Committee (2006 - 2011)
  • President, Environmental Engineering Society of Singapore (2017 - Present)
  • Council Member, Singapore Water Association (2009 - 2012).
  • Honorary Secretary, Environmental Engineering Society of Singapore (2004 - 2009).
  • 2nd Alternate Chairman, Environmental Engineering Technical Committee, Institution of Engineers Singapore (2007 - 2010).
  • Chairman, Organizing Committee for the 8th IWA Specialist Conference on Membrane Technology for Water and Wastewater Treatment and Reuse in 2017.
  • Chairman, Organizing Committee for the WEF-EESS Asia-Pacific Wastewater Treatment and Reuse Conference in 2015.
  • Chairman, Organizing Committee for the 2nd Asia Pacific - International Society of Microbial Electrochemistry and Technology Meeting in 2014.
  • Chairman, Organizing Committee for the 4th Asia Pacific Desalination Association (APDA) Conference - Future Perspective of Asia-Pacific Area on Desalination & Water Reuse in 2011.
  • Chairperson, Organizing Committee for the 3rd Asia Pacific Young Water Professional Conference in 2010.
  • Co-Chairperson, Organizing Committee for the 1st IWA-ASPIRE 2005 Conference.
  • Chairman, Organizing Committee for the Watershed, Stormwater and Erosion Management Conference and Exhibition in 2007 organized by the Institution of Engineers Singapore.
  • Member, International Water Association.
  • Member, Water Environmental Federation.
  • Member, Singapore Water Association

Teaching Areas

  • Water Science and Technology
  • Membrane Technology
  • Bioenergy

Research Interests

  • Membrane separation processes.
  • Membrane bioreactor.
  • Anaerobic and aerobic technology for wastewater treatment.
  • Microbial Fuel Cell.

Selected Publications

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