The Explore-Eng series is a sub-activity of the InnoVenture competition utilizing the connections made with leading organizations through InnoVenture. Explore-Eng is essentially Engineering & Innovation oriented company visits.

The objective is to help students understand the “real Engineering” world, get them exposed to the various development paths that are open to them, the engineering companies available, and, perhaps most important; support their interest in engineering after graduation. The last is a national objective as well.

An Explore-Eng visit typically consists of

    • A company presentation with a focus on the engineering & innovation operations and projects
    • A tour of the company’s facilities (i.e. innovation lab, manufacturing plant, showroom etc)
    • A panel with engineering staff to share their engineering career path and give insights in the development paths for engineers
    • HR segment regarding internships and other job opportunities.

Testimonial (NUHS):


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