enterprise development

Enterprise Development

Grow Tech Enterprises

The Enterprise Development module focuses on how to develop new or grow existing enterprises using technology. More specifically how to evaluate market opportunities and commercialize technologies into a product suitable for the market. This module equips students with practical skills that they can immediately use after graduation to add value to their employers and accelerate in their jobs. Or potentially create a start-up. The course is a primer for how to identify and validate market opportunities & create value with technology.

In each session new tools and methodologies will be presented. Teams will then brainstorm how to apply the new tools to their search for opportunities in their specific market and technology. Teams will then be challenged to identify and interview outsiders to confirm their conclusions before the next session.

Teams will also update on the insights from the market from the week before. In an informal setting, each team reports weekly on their progress and presents their next steps for the coming week. Other teams have an opportunity to critique and build on the team’s efforts for new opportunity identification. Participants will get an opportunity to present your ideas, get feedback and hone your communications skills.

Participants are expected to spend considerable time outside of the classroom in the market interviewing potential customers, manufacturers, service providers, and government bodies.

Each team will be asked to put together reports summarizing their findings – an interim report of the top 3 promising opportunities and a final report for the most promising market opportunity with a proposed technology product as well as the business model. The teams will also create and deliver presentations summarising their reports.

The Enterprise Development programme is provided under the NUS Division of Engineering and Technology Management, Faculty of Engineering. Details on the module may also be found here.

Non-NUS participants may also apply to join in the module. This module may be adapted for in-house programmes. Contact us at iel_info@nus.edu.sg for a chat!

Past Projects

List of Market Opportunities for Semester 1, AY2016/2017

  1. Air & Vacuum Technology
  2. Waste from Reverse Osmosis
  3. 3D Printing in MRO
  4. LED technology
  5. Packaging Technology for Perishable Products