The Enterprise Development Lab (EDL) stimulates and supports the development of engineering leadership by nurturing skills that empower them to identify and seize opportunities, thereby creating and delivering value.

Engineers, engineering students, and other “techies” have deep technical knowledge that enable them to solve problems. The Enterprise Development Lab has established a set of modules to leverage on the technical depth of engineering students and students from other faculties. In addition, these modules provide opportunities for students to engage in action learning to hone their skills to create value in whatever environment they are in – be it in the corporate world, in research labs, or in start-ups and small enterprises.

The skills we focus on to help students be leaders who create impact are:

  • Innovation skills that help take inventions and ideas from the lab to real world application.
  • Entrepreneurial skills to see the potential in new inventions & ideas, and act effectively to create value from them.

In summary, Enterprise Development Lab activities complement the technical capabilities of our students by enhancing their abilities to generate new applications and markets, identify opportunities, feed stated demands, and address unstated needs.

The Enterprise Development Lab works in close partnership with its academic partner – the Division of Engineering & Technology Management, Faculty of Engineering – in running and development of the modules.