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Facing the Design “Dragons” – InnoVenture Design Workshop

(16 September 2017)

InnoVenture, the technopreneurship competition organized by the Institute for Engineering Leadership at the National University of Singapore kicked off with students participating in the Maker Workshop held on the 9th September 2017.

Next in the exciting line up of workshops planned to help students design real practical solutions for real engineering problem statements, was the Design Workshop held on the 16th September 2017.

The main aim of the Design Workshop is to learn about design ideation and processes. Students were given helpful frameworks and tools to guide them in the design of their solutions. The session started with a bang, with videos of the show “Dragon’s Den” to showcase what kind of questions investors ask about design and customer fit. The students were guided in brainstorming effectively, asking the right questions and sketching their first solutions. They were pushed to further study the problem statement from different angles and to look for influences from various inputs, including similar solutions in the market and how to improve on them.

The workshop’s lead facilitator was Dr. Edwin Koh, a senior lecturer from the NUS Innovation and Design-Centric Programme with InnoVenture with members


During the many break-out sessions, the student split into their respective teams and dug into the real hands-on work in brainstorming, planning and sketching their ideas. Conceptualizing solutions to the problem statements proved to be quite challenging for the students. Luckily, the company representatives from InnoSparks, National University Hospital and PSA unboXed were present to help provide feedback and more detailed information regarding the problem statements they provided. This workshop is one of the most crucial stages in the competition as it kickstarts the planning and conceptualizing of solutions to the problem statements. The student teams were indeed fortunate to have so many experts in one room they could tap on!

Upcoming for the students are visits to the PSA terminal and NUH ward to better understand the respective work environments in which the solutions should fit. Students were welcome to sign up for any of these “Explore-Eng” visits, and really, who would not relish the opportunity to learn from real-life situations and not just in the classroom.

InnoVenture will resume on 14th of October for the Finance Workshop. Students have a lot to think about in the given time and we are sure that they will come back fresh and brimming with ideas for the next session!

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