About Us

Engineers today face an increasingly complex and volatile environment.

The skills to navigate such uncertainty, and rapidly evolving situations, be it in the field, in corporate boardrooms, and in R&D, are necessary assets of any current and future leader. The current engineering curriculum provides an excellent technical foundation and hones the analytical skills needed in the profession. However, students need more opportunities to build up the skills & resilience to deal with uncertainty and to be able to make the best of what opportunities are provided to them.

The Institute for Engineering Leadership (IEL) was set up to nurture the future leaders of the engineering profession, who will advance the field to the next level and to help create new products, services, and enterprises.

IEL defines engineer-leaders as individuals who are strategic systems thinkers and value creators, able to identify technological innovation opportunities and engage people around them to deliver sustainable growth with societal impact.

An engineer-leader must be innovative and have an entrepreneurial mindset; able to integrate ideas across various disciplines to create and capture value from technology.

Thus, IEL advocates the nurturing of engineer-leaders through innovation & entrepreneurship experiences and learning by doing. Programmes and modules are crafted to provide opportunities for engineering students to complement their technical skills with value-creation/value-capture skills and soft skills.

IEL experiential learning experiences immerse the students in an intensive environment where they must form and function as highly effective teams in a very short timeframe to succeed.

Properly guided, these experiences provide opportunities for self-reflection in working towards personal mastery and development of interpersonal skills; both essential to undertake any leadership role.

Students practise and reflect on their communication skills, as well as learn what it takes to create that compelling vision that can pull people and draw resources. Such experiences also provide the needed exposure to learn how to be agile and remain resilient.

We aim to:

  • Encourage the development of an innovative & entrepreneurial mind-set.
  • Strengthen discovery skills through application in the entrepreneurial process.
  • Provide exposure to basic business management knowledge and practice of delivery skills that can help translate innovation to application in the form of a new venture.
  • Develop strategic and systems thinking skills as students evolve business plans and test opportunities.
  • Provide opportunities for students to test themselves in new ways, reflect and learn to be leaders.